Beginners’ Learning

So you have decided to learn bridge. Good decision! You are about to embark on a riveting hobby which will last you a lifetime. This page will guide you through several options to get started with your learning.

Remember, lessons are vital!

Whether it is with us or one of the many other wonderful teachers available, sessions with a bridge teacher are invaluable to your learning to make sure that you are absorbing the information correctly.


One of the reasons that bridge is such a great game is that there is an infinite amount to learn in a huge variety of ways. Because of this whoever you learn with will usually be following a syllabus to help guide you through this labyrinth! 

Where to start?

If you have ever spoken to a bridge player or done some research on the game then you will know that it can seem a bit daunting! Bridge is undoubtedly the Queen of card games in terms of potentially infinite learning! So where to start? Our beginners learning guide will take you through a suggested syllabus devised by yours truly. This is based on my 17 years experience as a bridge teacher (I started young!).

Of course everyone learns differently and you should definitely browse around to see what you think will work best for you. If you like the look of our beginners program please consider taking beginners lessons with us, which follow the same syllabus.

Step1: Mini Bridge

Step1: Mini Bridge

Mini Bridge is the best place to start for total beginners, especially if you have never played a trick taking game like hearts or whist. It greatly simplifies the first part of the game (bidding) allowing you to focus on learning the play mechanics before moving on.

The following guides should allow you to get fully to grips with this mini version of bridge.

Step 2: Full Bridge

Step 2: Full Bridge

Once you have mastered mini bridge it is time to move on to learning full bridge. This means a real bidding process! 

Start with the Beginners’ Guide to Bidding and follow the list from there!