Private Sessions

A tailored experience...

Would you like to learn alone, or with a small group of friends? Then our private lessons are for you!

Private sessions can be for up to 12 people and allow you to set your own agenda. Private lessons get much cheaper in groups so consider roping in some friends!

Times are subject to availability so please get in touch if you are interested!

We offer two kinds of private session. All prices are total for the session rather than per person.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss different length sessions.

Private Play

These sessions allow your group to play either random or themed boards.

2 hour session for 1-4 people – £40 (note this is total so if you want to come alone it will cost you the full £40, but with 4 of you it will only be £10 each!)

2 hour session for 5-8 people – £60

2hr session for 9-12 people – £80

Private Lessons

For private lessons you can pick your subjects or take my recommendations. Lessons involve a hands on learning section and then play of themed boards. Notes are also included.

2 hour lesson for 1-4 people – £60

2 hour lesson for 2-8 people – £90

2 hour lesson for 8-12 people – £120