About Us

Hello! I am Rachel – online bridge teacher, philosopher and adopted mother to the most lovely dog ever. I come from a family of bridge players. With both my mum and gran being players, they started me learning much younger than most. I have been playing bridge for 10 years and teaching for most of that time. I live in South Wales and came here to study ancient history and philosophy. 

I live with my mum and our 2 yr old pup Kali. In addition to being a bridge player my mum is also a national director and is active in the national bridge unions of England and Wales.

Before the Covid-19 crisis most of my work involved face to face bridge teaching and travelling around the country helping to run tournements. As you can imagine, these things were all cancelled pretty sharpish. I have been very lucky that I have been able to move my work online and now offer virtual lessons, seminars and learning resources. I am hoping that I will be able to continue with my online activities as the world returns to normal. The dog helps all she can!