About Us

Hello! I am Rachel – online bridge teacher, philosopher and adopted mother to the most lovely dog ever. I come from a family of bridge players. With both my mum and gran being players, they started me learning much younger than most. I have been playing bridge for 10 years and teaching for most of that time. I live in South Wales and came here to study ancient history and philosophy.


I live with my mum and our 3 yr old pup Kali. In addition to being a bridge player my mum is also a national director and is active in the national bridge unions of England and Wales. Much of my material, philosophy and patience come from her!

My Philosophy

Lots of people have tried bridge lessons in the past which have focussed on memorising lots of information, and especially focussed on bidding. This brute force approach is not for everyone!

Here at Ponty Bridge we focus on making sure that our students understand the why of it all. We focus on basic mechanics in bidding, and try to devote just as much time to play and defence. I believe that if you understand what you are trying to achieve and why then you can always make a sensible move without all the memorisation! 

Private lessons can be taylored to any area of bidding play and defence in which you feel weak. Or if you don’t know where to begin try our play and defence seminars for all the basics!