Beginner’s Lessons
Learn bridge from the beginning!

If you are completely new to bridge, or played a little in the past but can’t really remember, then our beginner lessons are for you!

We focus on cementing understanding from the start. If you have tried beginner lessons before you may well have been overwhelmed by all the information thrown at you! I like to spend the first half of the course just looking at how the play works and making sure that you understand WHY it works. Once that is done we move on to the second half of bridge – the bidding!

I am also a firm believer that bridge should be ENJOYABLE for all. So my sessions all have a relaxed environment, and we like to have a laugh!

If you would like to discuss beginner lessons please GET IN TOUCH.

Upcoming Beginner Lessons

There is no beginner course scheduled at the moment, but if you are interested then please get in touch and as soon as there is a viable group a course will be scheduled.