Our Lessons

Our Sessions

All our lessons play sessions are conducted 100% online, so it is the perfect new hobby for those still wanting to social distance! This also means that you can join our lessons from anywhere in the world! We use a combination of online platforms including Shark Bridge and Zoom.

Every session has a zoom meeting or other method of voice/video communication. This makes online bridge a great way of socialising safely.

If you are not very comfortable with technology then don’t worry. I will provide step by step instructions for set-up, and I am happy to arrange tutorials for using the online elements if needed. 

For more information or to book a lesson please contact Rachel Oliver on pontybridgecontact@gmail.com or 07827928810

Supported Play

Wednesday Evening 7.30-9.30 £5pp

These play sessions are designed for those who want to practice their game while being able to call for help if you stuck. 

They are designed as friendly, social sessions, so dont worry if you are a new player!

There is no need to book in advance for this session, just buy a ticket from our payment page.

Play and Defence Seminars

All Seminars take place from 2-4pm

Places cost £20pp. This covers both the seminar and comprehensive notes to keep!

Places are limited so book early!

Each session will focus in detail on one subject, with the aim of cementing your understanding of how and WHY we do things. The online platform I use allows me to make it so that you are always bidding or playing the most interesting hand. This means we can go through examples in great detail. As a result these are quite intensive sessions for the brain, but very productive!

If the timings for seminars do not work for you then please get in touch anyway. I would be happy to repeat seminars at alternative times if enough people show interest!

Upcoming Seminars

23rd Oct – Counting Losers

     Many people find counting losers difficult! So why do we do it? How do we do it? What should we do with the information? Hopefully by the end of this seminar you will understand the answers to all these questions!

6th Nov – Finesses

     Finessing is a vital technique for good declarer play, but understanding the mechanics behind them can also help your defence! This session aims to explain why finesses work, enabling you to spot and correctly excecute every kind of finesse!

20th Nov – Trumping in the short suit

     You are always being told ‘you only make extra tricks by trumping in the short suit’. What does this actually mean? Why is this the case? What does it mean for drawing trumps? This step by step guide to trumping in the short suit will help you to understand the answers to these questions.

Private Sessions

Private Lessons – £40 per 2hr slot

If you would like to learn in a smaller group then please get in touch to discuss private lessons. These allow you to chose the content and tailor your lessons to your needs. 

Private sessions are for up to 4 people but if there are fewer of you then don’t worry! I use a program with robots to play the hands if needed (though i usually do it myself) so I can accomodate any number. 

For groups larger than 4 please get in touch to discuss!