Our Lessons

Our Lessons

All our lessons are conducted 100% online, so it is the perfect new hobby for social distancing! We use a combination of online platforms including Shark Bridge and Zoom.

Every session has a zoom meeting or other method of voice/video communication. This makes online bridge a great way of socialising safely.

If you are not very comfortable with technology then don’t worry. I will provide step by step instructions for set-up, and I am happy to arrange tutorials for using the online elements if needed. 

For more information or to book a lesson please contact Rachel Oliver on pontybridgecontact@gmail.com or 07827928810

If you would like to join in but find these times unsuitable please do get in touch. I am happy to negotiate private lessons, and hopefully more group sessions will be added over time. 

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Every Wednesday 1.30-3.30PM – £10  for 2hrs.

If you have got to grips with the beginners lessons, or you have been playing for a while and want to improve your game then try our improvers lessons. These will focus on more advanced bidding conventions and play techniques.

Every lesson consists of a short presentation followed by the supervised play of some themed boards. I will always be on hand if you need advice.

Upcoming topics – 

Wed 24th March – 1NT openers and NT raises, planning the play in NT

Wed 31st March – Red Suit Transfers and Stayman over 1NT

Wed 7th April – 2NT openers and responses

Wed 14th April – Rebidding in NT

Online Seminars

Twice Monthly on Saturdays 2-4 PM – £15 for 2 hours

These are the most play intensive of the online sessions. 

Each session will focus in detail on one subject. The online platform I use allows me to make it so that you are always bidding or playing the most interesting hand. This means that we my sometimes have 2,3 or 4 people bidding at a table together, and then splitting off so that each person can declare the hand. We then all come back together to discuss at the end.

Upcoming Seminars

Saturday 27th March

Dealing with Pre-empts

We have all had someone open a weak 2 or 3 (or more!) in front of us. How should we best deal with these situations?

This seminar will teach you how to bid when opps have opened pre-emptively. This includes the use of take-out and penalty doubles, overcalls and responses, and when to just pass!

Saturday 10th April

Improving Your Play Online

Many of us have only really started playing online in the last year. Hopefully most of you have got to grips with the basics of playing online. What you might not know is that there is a world of online resources and information that can help you to improve your bridge game!

This seminar will show you where to look for notes, quizzes and practice boards.

We will also look at the personal information available to you. When you play online you can see your board scores but you will often be able to see all the detail of each board. The aim is to get you to understand how to extract the useful information from your scores and use them to focus your learning!